Hotel Interior Photography
Interior Photography & Cinematography

We believe every design has a soul of its own. This soul is inherent of the beauty of any design.
As photographers, our responsibility is to capture and portray that inherent beauty in the best possible manner. We use suitable lenses, cameras, lights and
accessories in accordance with the mood, personality and purpose of the design.

Our well-equipped team for Cinematography or videography is comprised of expert professionals and industry veterans. We provide end to end solutions
for interior shooting and cinematography.

Drone Location Track
Guide your customers and prospects to your exact location

with drone location tracking. Drone location also helps customers to apprehend the proximity of your sites to famous landmarks. Get high-resolution drone video with requisite

graphic, music and voice over for your ultimate sales video. Our drone video team is comprised of licensed industry professionals, register state of the art equipment for ultimate drone video solutions. 

360 VR Tour

One of the most powerful sales tool for Real Estate industry in twenty-first century. Now you can also surprise your prospects with an immersive experience of Virtual Reality. 360 degree VR is the most
evolved technology in audio visual domain. It enables viewers to experience a holistic virtual reality right at the confinement of their homes. The Visual Media is a name to reckon in the world of VR in Kolkata.
If you are willing to create a VR for your own business, feel free to call our helpline number for
free quotation.
2D/3D Animation

This is also one of the key components of video marketing. A buyer or prospect can walk through your property while watching a high-resolution video file. This also helps in creating an artist’s rendition

of the proposed project for overseas clients. We use expert modelers, texturing artists, lighting artists and animators for procreating exact replicas of the proposed scenes. Using high poly mesh

for finer curves, domes and lighting is an advantage you can get at The Visual Media.

Our powerful and high end render engines create and emphasize on finest details and mood of your proposed scenes in very short duration of time. Call us now for free quotations.

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